Data Scientist

Zagreb, Croatia

Your Python got Pandas

Come to Zagreb, Croatia

You turn data to answers

Got serious statistical, analytical and reporting chops, no mere Machine Learning.

Have patience for all the prep and processing.

Find Cambridge Analytica interesting from a professional standpoint.

Know the difference between light and cat.

Got so much skill in Data Analytics and Machine Learning, but no endless pools of data from complex and the most secure and controlled industries in the world.

Want a job?

You would be:

  • Collecting and processing data from various sources
  • Filtering, analyzing, and visualizing data
  • Developing analytical models (predictive analysis, segmentation, clustering, etc.)
  • Communicating with clients and understanding their analytical needs

You have:

  • Graduate degree or higher in Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Knowledge of statistics and machine learning methods
  • Working knowledge of programming languages for analytics (Python, R), SQL. If you're familiar with visualization tools like Tableau, we like you even more.
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Desire to learn and grow professionally

What you get:

  • Flexible work arrangements: hours, location...
  • 50+ peers and mentors who will help you grow professionally
  • Certification, meet-ups and conferences (nowadays mostly online)
  • Benefits package
  • Cha-ching
  • Company Shares (just not straight away)

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