Business Intelligence Consultant (Junior/Mid/Senior)

Zagreb, Croatia

Upgrade your BI job

If your current position is not working for you anymore

(especially if you're familiar with banks)

Koios, IT company specializing in fintech and banking industry needs someone (a mid/senior) who can:

  • Understand business challenges that can be addressed by data
  • Pull and blend data from multiple sources into dashboards and reports for our clients
  • Unpack and find never before seen insights and business directions
  • Deliver results that influence decisions and bring change in the real world
  • Talk to people, on your team and to clients alike, with a smile and understanding
  • Do DWH, BI and Big Data on premise or in cloud
  • Make Oracle Data Integrator, Tableau, Qlik, MS Power BI, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, AWS Cloud talk together

What’s in it for you:

Long term job security. Our people have been here for years (some longer than 10).

Interesting, global reaching projects in the financial sector.

Project skipping options - if the one you are on is just not working, we’ll arrange a swap.

Professional development - you tell us what you want to learn, we find a way to accommodate you.

Running your own team - if you’ve got skills, we’ll give you the reins.

Monthly skill share and cross team experience swap.

Company shares - something only 3% of companies offer to their employees.

Where will you be working:

From our cozy, well stocked offices, or your own home - or anything in between.

Along with 60 colleagues looking to share their know how and help you grow.

In a company working with 7 major banks in the EU and looking to expand.

With interesting people who appreciate work-life balance and will help you find yours.

Ready for a job upgrade? 

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